IMAGIN's Student Poster & Paper Competition

The IMAGIN Student Poster & Paper Competition (SPPC) was held annually and gave both Graduate and Undergraduate College students the opportunity to gain professional experience, earn recognition, and be awarded cash scholarships as they presented their work utilizing the tools of geospatial analysis.

The SPPC Competition was ended following the 2017 year due to decreasing involvement by graduate level candidates and based on a decision by the IMAGIN Board of Directors to refocus efforts on the Map Gallery and Student Scholarship programs.

To view the outstanding work performed by the students over the years of the SPPC competition, follow the links below for each year of the competition.  

2017 SPPC Competition2016 SPPC Competition2015 SPPC Competition
2014 SPPC Competition2013 SPPC Competition2012 SPPC Competition
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2011 SPPC Competition
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2010 SPPC Competition
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2009 SPPC Competition
Data Coming Soon

2008 SPPC Competition
2007 SPPC Competition
Data Coming Soon
2006 SPPC Competition
2005 SPPC Competition
2004 SPPC Competition2003 SPPC Competition 

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